"I feel extremely blessed to be given a second chance at this one precious life …"

When the Japanese mend broken objects they aggrandize the damage by filling the cracks with gold.

They believe that when something has suffered damage and has a history, it becomes more beautiful.

My first passion in life was painting and drawing.  I attended Pratt Institute in New York and studied fine art. Like many in those years, I abused drugs and alcohol, and for over 15 years my life was ruled by the disease of addiction.  As the addiction progressed, I numbed out any inner guidance or connection to my feelings.  I lost any sense of purpose, and abandoned my artwork  and more importantly, I abandoned myself, over and over again.  I later realized I was numbing myself to the underlying pain, shame-based fear, and deep unworthiness that lay below the surface.


Somehow I survived these traumas, even recovering from two serious illnesses without doctors or traditional medicines.  I mention this not because I don't support allopathic medicine, I do.  I mention this because these experiences were a glimpse, through the veil of my addiction, of the power of consciousness and its  role in healing.


Fortunately, God had a better plan for me, and I entered the rooms of AA at age 37.  With recovery came an awakening of my intuition and a desire to be of service.  I was then strongly guided, even pushed along a path of spiritual unfoldment that eventually led me to my first teacher of healing arts.  His teaching opened me to the world of Energy Medicine, a world that was brand-new, yet also somehow familiar.


After five years of study of Energy Medicine I opened my healing practice.  I further continued my studies and graduated from the internationally acclaimed Barbara Brennan School of Healing, deepening my understanding of the subtle energetic basis of health and healing.


To incorporate my work at the physical level into the practice, I studied Craniosacral Therapy with the Upledger Institute, the leading and ground-breaking school that trains practitioners in the use of the body's cranial fluid system to anatomically correct emotional and physical trauma.  I learned how to open the physical restrictions in the body to allow energetic access to the neo-cortex, which is essential for healing trauma.


As an adjunct to physiological and energetic methods, I have incorporated psychological counseling into the practice.  I learned about emotional health and relationship dynamics in my studies of Psychodrama and Experiential Therapy with a leading practitioner and teacher, Dr. Tian Dayton.  I continue to train extensively by attending the latest conferences in the areas of energy healing, spirituality, recovery, sexual addiction and relationship trauma.


I have a private practice that combines elements of talk therapy with craniosacral manipulation, hands-on spiritual healing and energy work.  I am passionate about health and healing.  I bring humor and love to the process.  I believe that by listening to our inner wisdom, we can find physical, emotional and spiritual balance whether as an individual, couple or family.


In the past 10 years I have reawakened my passion for painting and drawing creating beautiful spiritually inspired artwork.  My life is currently a reflection of the personal work and spiritual practices I follow on a daily basis.  It is a life beyond my wildest dreams, filled with a large warm extended family, good friends, meaningful work and my endlessly loving animals.  I feel extremely blessed to be given a second chance at this one precious life through the grace of God.  It is an honor to share what I have been so freely given with others on the path.



                                                                          ~  Adriana


375 Ferry Road

Sag Harbor, New York