I feel best described by one of my clients : 

"Adriana Barone is my therapeutic home base. 

She is like having a therapist, mother, healer, lawyer, psychic angel in your back pocket."  -  K.N. fashion industry, NYC

My sessions are far more dimensional than traditional talk therapy. Unconventional, outside the box, challenging, enlivening, and multi-faceted. We bring in your Soul. That’s how I healed my many broken parts and that’s what I long to share with you.

I am strongly committed to helping you move beyond your barriers and limitations by helping you to access your Soul Star.


When working with the Soul Star we begin an accelerated path to healing. We tap into power that is beyond the small self, beyond your personality. Your Soul Star contains all the intelligence and information from all your lifetimes. It is personal to you. It is the answer we are unaware we are seeking. It has been said by the Masters "No work can be effective with out the Soul."

And you know what? It's relatively easy. Especially by incorporating sound. Sound healing creates a vortex that dissolves the blocks in the pain body assisting the Soul.

As an artist, healer and therapist, I have many tools to help you. sound healing, art therapy, journaling, creative visualization, meditation and tracking are all in my toolkit, along with love, laughter, deep listening, support and encouragement. 

Discover who you really are. Clear obstacles and difficulties.  Live at your highest potential.  Open your channel. Come from the deepest mystery of your soul.



375 Ferry Road

Sag Harbor, New York