Online Courses

The LOVE STORY, MONEY STORY and BODY STORY are three separate course designed to uncover emotional and behavioral and spiritual patterns that work against you. Sort of like doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results!! Well this course is going to break the cycle.


When you sign up you will receive the course material by email. Basically there are 3 parts to each course. I will give you feedback by email on each part as you complete it, giving you direction for going forward. It's up to you how deeply you would like to go. 

The fee for each course is $45.00.

If you'd like to continue this work  I am always available for a personal FaceTime session with you.


Why do we create such a struggle 

around seeking pleasure, happiness and fulfillment?  

And what does money have to do with it?


MONEY, LIKE SEX, has the power to alter our moods for better or worse. When there is 'not enough' there is suffering. And when there is 'never enough' there is stress.

Whether we are focusing on SURVIVING or STRIVING we are blocking our life force. We are cutting ourselves off from happiness and fulfillment.

In this workshop we will specifically look at our ability to experience and sustain pleasurable states of being in relation to money and what thoughts, patterns and behaviors get in the way of that.  

Begin the process of uncovering and discovering energetic and emotional blocks to a richer, more creative relationship to money. 

Explore the roots of your relationship to money and how that affects you today.

Using the tools of guided meditation, mind mapping and YOUR MONEY STORY we will begin the process that can lead you to greater financial clarity and ease.

What is your Body saying to you...?  

....and, more importantly, what are you saying to your body...?


This is one of my favorite workshops!  And I am very excited to introduce you to techniques and practices that will awaken your connection to your body.  You will learn practical tools for listening to your body-messages as well as your body's messages to you.  

Can we really begin to access the wisdom that is being stored for us?  And change our self-talk?

My intention is for you to come away empowered to make new choices about how you think, feel and listen to your body. And to realize that your body is not separate from you. And to know that it is possible through acceptance to create more intimacy between your body and you. Your body is your ally, not your enemy.


we will look at our ability to experience and sustain a connection to our bodies and what thoughts, patterns and behaviors get in the way of that.  And what challenges that brings up for you.


Are you feeling ... unfulfilled

... in your relationships?        


It's time to move beyond blame and become aware of the subtle energy currents between ourselves and others.  Often the unconscious expectations and demands we place on our relationships have a lot to do with our frustrations and disappointments.

"What do I want that I'm  not getting? And what am I getting that I do not want?"



you will have the opportunity to examine the behaviors and beliefs that

slowly fan the flames of resentment, bitterness and unhappiness.  

 You will learn how to view your personal relationships spiritually and practically. It is my intention to educate you about the energetic patterns of wounds and defenses that affect your relationships. When you are aware of your behavior you will be better able to resolve conflict and restore harmony. These are some of the gifts you will receive from exploring family patterns of relating and how they affect you today



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