In their own words.....

"Adriana . The energy you set into motion, continues to strengthen and expand. I’m truly getting in touch with my true self. And it continues to open in ways I could never have imagined.

I thank you beyond what words can express." 

Lynn F., retired nurse and healer

The Hamptons, NY

"​Adriana taught me how to practice compassionate self-awareness."  

- Kate A., yoga instructor

New York

 "I had a tremendous breakthrough on some childhood events and buried feelings that I had been carrying inside me for over 50 years.  I felt free for the first time."  

- Nancy L., social worker

Southampton, NY

"Adriana is insightful, thorough, supportive, and clear.  Because her work is not traditional, the progress you make is much quicker."

-  Louise S., real estate broker


“Going from intense pain while ovulating or menstruating, to a peaceful feeling in only two months of working with Adriana is, though one of the most magical miracles in my life, minimized when I see how my entire thought process and views of myself as an abused survivor have changed. I am a completely reborn woman."
"I don’t even know how to express all my gratefulness and wonder at what you’ve done for me. Not only with the pain of my cyst and with helping me realize my need to get out of holding onto the past abuse, but with the connection I feel to you and with your healing and calming words. They helped me make a lot of connections and help me realize and understand where my feet are going/need to go in this next phase of my journey.
My body went from one of a lot of pain, hurt, fear to one with no physical pain or hurt and to one that  is getting rid of fear. You do wonderful things.  My life was raw and open and clustered. Your healing reached down into the mess and pulled me out of it. ”


- Hillary

The Hamptons, NY

"Adriana is phenomenal in her ability to redirect the negative energy flow to a spiritual, positive result. "  

- B.L., artist, model

Bridgehampton, NY

 "There is something unique and extraordinary about the therapy/healing that begins with one phone call.... I go deeper into the healing process immediately, and hang up the phone feeling rejuvenated....

Sometimes ​it's not enough to understand our problems cognitively or recognize our patterns ​intellectually. Something is amiss that cannot be accessed simply by thinking or talking about it.  
That is when I call Adriana. In an incredibly efficient way, she clears the path so I feel better and know what I need to do.  I say she “clears the path” but really I think she clears clogged body energy. In fact, I don't know what she does, nor how she does it. But, her ​method works for me where other techniques have failed."​  

- M.G., medical doctor


"Thank you Adriana for guiding my journey to physical, mental, and emotional well being. Your integrated approach to healing through craniosacral and talk therapy set a process of deep healing into motion."

- Barbara C., seeker

Sag Harbor, NY

"Whatever Adriana's combination of trainings are, there is something unique and extraordinary about the therapy/healing that begins with one phone call.  I don't really understand it, but I go deeper into the healing process immediately and hang up the phone feeling rejuvenated.” 

- Susan G., producer


"Adriana is phenomenal in her ability to redirect negative energy to a spiritual, positive result.  I always feel renewed and refreshed afterward- with a new understanding of old, unhealthy patterns that can be lifted.   I am blessed to have been the recipient of her healing  gift."

- Bonnie L., artist, model

Bridgehampton, NY

Pain after Hip Replacement surgery -
"My sessions with Adriana were booked twice a week in the beginning - there was a lot of work to be done. The work she did was to help me release a lot of anger and resentment that was built up in my body, my cells for many  years. It was all too profound. All I know is that today I feel more open to give and receive love. I’ve gained good self-worth feelings, and my physical pains are gone in both hips. Amen !” 

- Margie T., horticulturalist

Long Island, NY

 “You helped me open my eyes to addiction — the new view is much better!

- Polly H., spiritual seeker

East Hampton, NY

“My respect for Adriana’s professionalism and capabilities runs very deep. She has taught me to go  within myself and see the truth. For me there is no greater gift.”

- Gail S., spiritual seeker

Huntington, NY

“I want to thank you for your healings. They have changed my life.”

- Jennifer


“It is only because of your love and prayers that I am walking and talking.” 

(after the tragic death of her son and daughter-in-law)

- Mary M., nurse

Sag Harbor, NY

“Thank you for your warmth and compassion. I’m feeling much better - calmer by far. You have a real gift. You always help me walk through the pain into the light of spiritual connection.”

- Lesley, artist


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